Octoplus FRP Tool 2.4.0 Crack + Setup [Without Box] Download

By | February 26, 2024

Unlocking and repairing Android devices has never been easier, thanks to the powerful Octoplus FRP Tool Crack. This versatile tool is designed for factory reset protection (FRP) and is widely used by Google users of Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola, and Alcatel mobile phones. The primary goal is to ensure the security of user data during the FRP reset process, making it a crucial tool for device maintenance. In this article, we will explore the key features and steps involved in using Octoplus FRP Tool Crack, ensuring your device stays secure and operational.

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Samsung FRP Reset: A Step-by-Step Guide

To initiate the FRP reset on a Samsung device using Octoplus FRP Tool Crack, follow these steps:

1. Enter Download Mode

  • Ensure your phone is powered off, then press the volume up button, home button, and power button simultaneously to enter download mode.

2. Connect USB Cable

  • Connect your phone to the computer using a USB cable while in download mode.

3. Perform FRP Reset

  • Press the reset button for USF chips, then press and hold the volume + and power buttons for 15 to 20 seconds. The system will restart, initiating the FRP reset process.

Octoplus FRP Tool Crack User-Friendly Interface

Octoplus FRP Tool Crack boasts a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for users of all levels. The powerful reset option enhances the tool’s effectiveness, allowing users to perform fast FRP resets with ease. By pressing the reset button for USF chips, users can initiate the process and have their systems restarted, ensuring a quick and efficient FRP reset.

Octoplus FRP Tool Without Box: Hassle-Free FRP Reset

Performing a reset with the Octoplus FRP Tool without a box is a seamless process. Users can reset FRP using the ADB combination by following these steps:

  1. Enable Developer Options in phone settings.
  2. Enable OEM unlock option.
  3. Perform a factory data reset.
  4. Reflash the phone with the original firmware.

This method provides a hassle-free way to address common phone problems, ensuring the efficiency of the tool.

Octoplus FRP Tool: Resetting FRP in Download Mode

Another method for resetting FRP involves using the download mode. Follow these steps with caution to avoid data loss:

  1. Click on the “Reset FRP Download Mode” button.
  2. Put your phone into download mode using the described procedure.
  3. Ensure your phone is connected to the PC with a USB cable.

Supported Models and System Requirements

Octoplus FRP Tool supports a wide range of models, including

  • Samsung
  • Huawei
  • LG
  • Motorola
  • Alcatel

The system requirements for the tool to install on PC

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32 or 64 bits)
  • Processor CPU: 2.0 GHz with Intel Pentium 4
  • RAM: Minimum 1GB (recommended 4GB)
  • HDD Free Space: At least 500 MB

Octoplus FRP Tool Updates: Stay Current with Latest Features

The Octoplus FRP Tool receives regular updates to enhance its performance and compatibility. The latest release notes for version 4.2 include:

  • Improved Read Info operation for Mediatek CPU-based devices.
  • Enhanced work with Huawei Remote Services.
  • Improved Reset FRP operation for many devices.
  • Added new loaders for SC7731E and SC9863A.
  • Reset FRP for OnePlus devices.
  • Improved Reset FRP for Samsung Galaxy A01 (SM-A015F).
  • Enhanced and improved Reset FRP for various devices.
  • Improved loader selection for devices in Qualcomm 9008 mode.

FAQs – Octoplus FRP Tool Crack

Q1: What is Octoplus FRP Tool Crack used for?

  • A1: Octoplus FRP Tool Crack is a powerful tool designed for unlocking and repairing Android devices, particularly for performing factory reset protection (FRP) on Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola, and Alcatel mobile phones.

Q2: How does the Samsung FRP reset operation work?

  • A2: To perform a Samsung FRP reset, ensure your phone is in download mode, connect it to your computer via USB, and follow the steps outlined in the guide, including pressing the volume up, home, and power buttons simultaneously.

Q3: Can I use Octoplus FRP Tool without a box?

  • A3: Yes, Octoplus FRP Tool supports a box-less FRP reset process. You can perform a reset using ADB combination, enabling the tool to address common phone problems without the need for additional hardware.

Q4: What are the system requirements for the Octoplus FRP Tool?

  • A4: Octoplus FRP Tool requires a Windows operating system (XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10), a 2.0 GHz CPU with Intel Pentium 4, a minimum of 1GB RAM (4GB recommended), and at least 500 MB of free HDD space.

Q5: How do I crack the Octoplus FRP Tool for the full version?

  • A5: Follow these steps to crack the Octoplus FRP Tool: Download the crack, disconnect the internet, disable antivirus protection, run the setup file, follow installation procedures, activate your product, and replace files from the Crack folder into the installation directory.

Octoplus FRP Tool v.2.3.5 Release Notes

Discover the enhanced features and expanded device compatibility with Octoplus FRP Tool v.2.3.5. Explore the latest reset FRP methods and added device support that take your Android device unlocking experience to the next level.

Introducing New Reset FRP Method via Download Mode

Samsung Devices with MediaTek CPU

Unlocking Samsung devices becomes more seamless with the addition of a new Reset FRP method via Download Mode. Say goodbye to the need to crash the device to brom mode, and the restore device operation is now discreetly hidden for a smoother user experience.

Expanded Device Support: Reset FRP for the Following Devices

Oppo Devices

  • Oppo F11 Pro (CPH1969)
  • Oppo Reno 3 Pro (CPH2035)

Realme Devices

  • Realme 8i (RMX3151)
  • Realme C15 (RMX2180)
  • Realme C2 (RMX1941)
  • Realme C55 (RMX3710)

Samsung Galaxy Devices

  • Samsung Galaxy A11 2020 (SM-A115U)
  • Samsung Galaxy A14 5G (SM-A146U)
  • Samsung Galaxy A14 5G (SM-A146U1)
  • Samsung Galaxy A34 (SM-A346B)
  • Samsung Galaxy A34 (SM-A346E)

Alcatel Device

  • Alcatel 1V (OT-5007A)

Other Supported Devices

  • Benco Y11 (AH9110)
  • Haier HM-G701-FL
  • IKU A23
  • Reeder S19 Max (SPD)
  • Acer Enduro Urban T1 (EUT110-11A)
  • Acer Iconia Tab P10 (P10-11)
  • Altice S35
  • BLU K10 Pro
  • CellAllure Miracle Y
  • Clementoni Neo ClemPad 2021
  • Coolpad Cool 6 (1901)
  • Cubot King Kong Star
  • Digicel DL4s-1
  • Everis E0114
  • Everis E0120
  • Greentel X4
  • iHunt Titan P15000 Pro 5G
  • Infinix Hot 20 5G (X666)
  • INOI 6i Lite
  • IQ Touch VIA Tab QX 1040
  • Lava Agni 5G (LXX501)
  • Logic L50
  • LT C1500
  • Modio M122
  • Oukitel C21 Plus
  • Oukitel RT7 Titan 5G
  • Oukitel WP15 S
  • Senwa Inzio Plus (LS5018FP)
  • Sigma Mobile X-Treme PQ18
  • Umidigi MP28
  • Uniqcell Uni 10X
  • Venturer VCT9F0A68R23EU
  • Venturer VCT9F78Q22
  • Vortex V23
  • Vortex Z Tab 10
  • Xiaomi Poco F3 GT
  • Xiaomi Redmi K40 Gaming

Stay ahead in the world of device unlocking with Octoplus FRP Tool v.2.3.5. Explore the possibilities and enjoy a hassle-free experience with your Android devices.

How to Crack Octoplus FRP Tool

Follow these steps to crack Octoplus FRP Tool and enjoy the full version without an activation key:

  1. Download the OCTOPLUS FRP TOOL Crack from the provided link.
  2. Disconnect your internet and disable your antivirus real-time protection.
  3. Run the setup .exe file and follow the installation procedures.
  4. Activate your product or software.
  5. Copy files from the Crack folder and paste them into the installation directory.

With these steps, you can effortlessly Octoplus FRP Tool Crack and unlock its full potential.


In conclusion, Octoplus FRP Tool Crack is a reliable and efficient solution for unlocking and repairing Android devices. Its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and regular updates make it a standout choice for users seeking a secure and effective FRP reset tool. Unlock the full potential of your device with the Octoplus FRP Tool Crack.

Unlocking and repairing Android devices is simplified with Octoplus FRP Tool Crack. Its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and compatibility with a range of models make it a top choice for FRP resets. Regular updates ensure optimal performance, and cracking the tool provides access to its full potential. Empower your device with Octoplus FRP Tool Crack today.