MacDrive Pro Crack + Keygen Full Download

By | February 24, 2024

MacDrive Pro Keygen Full Download 2024

MacDrive Pro Crack RealCrackSoft has tested and shared the MacDrive 10 Crack to download on this page. You will also find its latest APFS setup. It will unlock many new features after installing the MacDrive 10 Pro serial number. This 10.5 APFS Pro version will work for the lifetime and you won’t have to purchase any MacDrive 10 Serial Number. You can download this setup and its crack with complete installation guidelines from this page free of cost. We have also shared the main objective and best features of MacDrive 10.

MacDrive Serial Key

It is a common problem for Mac users to share data between different operating systems. For example, it was not very simple if you have a Mac disk and want to copy its data into a Windows. A MacDrive just won’t work like plug-and-play in Windows. It works fine with Mac but not Windows. This used to be a problem, however, it has now been resolved by MacDrive 10 crack installed pro version.

You can learn more MacDrive 10 crack used setup that has made data sharing easy for you in the below section of its top features. There is, however, another issue that most of us just don’t like. The problem is to purchase MacDrive 10 Serial Number to use this software which costs $69.99 for its pro version. Again, worry not as we have solved this problem for you with MacDrive 10 Crack which is available on this page to download free of cost. MacDrive lets you read and write drivers to provide effortless smooth use.


MacDrive Pro Crack

Top Features of MacDrive Pro:

  1. Seamless Disk Access: Access various Mac-formatted disks on your PC, including hard drives, DVDs, and CDs, creating a native PC disk experience.
  2. Disk Manager Functionality: Efficiently manage Mac disks with features like formatting, partitioning, and disk deletion.
  3. Disk Repair: Automatically detect and fix common errors on Mac disks (HFS+), ensuring data integrity.
  4. Time Machine Backup Exploration: Explore Time Machine backups and easily transfer files and folders from Mac to PC.
  5. Compatibility: Whether on a native Mac system or using virtual environments like VMware Fusion or Parallels, MacDrive ensures compatibility.
  6. Forensic Specialist Features: MacDrive Pro’s “Read Only” mode prevents changes to disks, creating a secure environment for forensic specialists.
  7. Performance Enhancement: Exclusive automatic file defragmentation and optimization for HFS+ formatted disks, improving disk performance.

Unveiling New APFS Features

1. Full Read and Write Support for APFS Volumes

  • Experience the comprehensive functionality with full read and write support for APFS volumes. Unlock the potential of your APFS-formatted storage with seamless access to data.

2. APFS Crash Protection

  • Enhance data integrity with APFS crash protection. Safeguard your files and information against unexpected crashes, ensuring a robust and reliable storage experience.

3. Multi-Volume APFS Disks

  • Explore the flexibility of multi-volume APFS disks. Mac users can now manage and utilize multiple volumes within the APFS structure, providing an organized and efficient storage solution.

4. Mount Any Snapshot on APFS Volumes

  • Unleash the power of snapshots with the ability to mount any snapshot on APFS volumes. Effortlessly navigate through different versions of your data, allowing for enhanced data management.

5. APFS Formatting

  • Tailor your storage to your preferences with APFS formatting. Enjoy the flexibility to structure your storage according to your needs, optimizing the utilization of your APFS volumes.

6. Read/Write Duplicated APFS Files

  • Efficiently manage duplicated files with read and write capabilities. APFS now supports seamless interaction with duplicated files, providing a hassle-free file management experience.

7. Read/Write Files in Snapshots

  • Delve into the intricacies of snapshots by reading and writing files included in them. This feature opens up possibilities for data manipulation within specific snapshots, offering a dynamic and user-friendly approach.

Pros and Cons

Pros of MacDrive 11 Cons of MacDrive 11
Seamless Mac-Windows Integration Cost
Read and Write Access to Mac-formatted Drives System Resources Impact
User-Friendly Interface Updates and Compatibility Maintenance
Compatibility with Various Mac File Systems Limited Utility for Windows-Only Users
Time and Effort Saving for Cross-Platform Usage Dependency on MacDrive for Cross-Platform Compatibility

System Requirments

System Requirements for MacDrive 11
Operating System Windows 7 and later
Processor 1 GHz or faster
Available Hard Drive Space 40 MB

MacDrive 11 Crack Installation Guidelines:

  1. Download MacDrive 11 APFS Trial: Get started by downloading the trial version of MacDrive 11 APFS from the link provided below.
  2. Installation Process: Install the program following the standard installation procedure. However, refrain from launching it immediately after installation.
  3. MacDrive 10 Crack Download: Obtain the MacDrive 10 Crack by downloading it from the link below.
  4. Copy and Paste in Installation Folder: Copy the downloaded crack file and paste it into the installation folder. The installation folder could be either:
    • C:\Program Files\MacDrive
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\MacDrive
  5. Replace Existing File: Replace the existing file in the installation folder with the cracked file. Ensure that the replacement is successful.
  6. Double-Click to Run: Double-click on the modified file to run the program. This action will initiate MacDrive 11 Pro with the added functionalities.
  7. Enjoy MacDrive 11 Pro: That’s it! You are now ready to enjoy the full capabilities of MacDrive 11 Pro. Explore seamless Mac-Windows integration and experience enhanced file management.