EFT Dongle 4.5.4 Crack + Without Box Setup Download

EFT Dongle 4.5.4 Crack + Pro Setup Download

EFT Pro Dongle Crack is an unlocking and repairing tool dongle for Chinese mobile phones. It is a new innovation in the history of mobile phone software repair. EFT Dongle Crack can easily unlock many Android devices and Cell Phones. So, MRT Key Dongle is a special program FRP Unlocking Meizu/Flashing/Xiaomi/Vivo/ HUAWEI/ CoolPad and others. So, EFT Dongle Crack Without Box Works well with all MKT chips. The MRT Dongle 4.4.4 Crack without Box is the number one data card for Flashing and Unlocking products worldwide.

EFT Pro Dongle 4.5.4 Crack can repair the devices. EFT Dongle can be used to unlock Accounts locks, Password locks, and bootloaders. It is a fast unlock and has no need for Activation. It can unlock the phone in 5 to 60 seconds. EFT Dongle is very easy to use including a user-friendly interface. So, for repairing purposes just a USB connection needs. So, the software has great performance now 95% of New phones are 4G LTE and MKT mobile phones and use MT6290 base IC. Now is the first support IMEI Repair can with it. Similar software Miracle Box Crack Download

Screen Capture:

EFT Pro Dongle Crack

Key Feature of MRT Dongle Crack without Box

  • new and exclusive and never happened before
  • official and doesn’t need anything like flashing custom recoveries or ZIP files
  • clean and works in the device without touching partitions like data, system, or cache…
  • rebuilds itself during each boot and also after the factory reset
  • Root doesn’t cause any problems with Wi-Fi, booting, fingerprint, Knox…
  • So, root can support all unlocked bootloader devices in the world, which supports flashing boot. img
  • It is only one file and it roots the device in an official way
  • No problem with DM-verity, DRK
  • supports all APKs root permissions and all Android versions, from 5 to

EFT Dongle Key Features:

EFT Dongle is a professional tool for repairing and flashing various mobile devices. Here are some key features of EFT Dongle:

  • Flashing firmware: EFT Dongle can be used to flash the firmware on a wide range of mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and feature phones. This allows you to update the operating system, fix software issues, or restore the device to its factory settings.
  • Unlocking: EFT Dongle can unlock a variety of mobile devices, including those that are locked to a specific carrier or region. This allows you to use the device with any carrier or in any country.
  • Repairs: EFT Dongle can be used to repair various issues with mobile devices, such as fixing a device that is stuck in a boot loop or repairing a device that has been damaged by water or physical trauma.
  • Backup and restore: EFT Dongle can be used to create backups of your device’s firmware and data, as well as restore data from a previous backup. This is useful if you want to upgrade your device or if you need to restore your device to its original state.
  • Customization: EFT Dongle allows you to customize your mobile device by flashing custom ROMs or modifying the device’s firmware. This can be used to add new features to your device or to change its appearance.

Overall, EFT Dongle is a powerful tool that can be used to repair, unlock, and customize a wide range of mobile devices.


  • Unlock SAMSUNG Exynos
  • Unlock SAMSUNG SPD
  • Can Direct Unlock SAMSUNG Qualcomm
  • Spreadrum IMEI + Network Repair
  • DRK Repair UART
  • Qualcomm repair IMEI & NV
  • Remove FRP All Samsung (new & old security)


  • Read, Write Factory Flasher
  • FRP Remove
  • IMEI Repair
  • Unlock SIM
  • Read SIM code
  • Remove the pattern and lock
  • Read pattern
  • Read Pre-loader


  • Repair IMEI


  • Flashing XML
  • Flasher many phone models
  • Reset FRP (latest security)
  • Reset FRP (EDL Mode, FastBoot Mode, ADB mode)
  • Enable all languages
  • IMEI Repair (Meta Mode, ADB Mode, ATE Mode)
  • Read Factory Firmware (ADB Mode)
  • Install / Uninstall Google Services
  • and much more…


  • Root supported on USA devices
  • Devices with new security

EFT Dongle Supported Brands & CPUs *:

  • HTC
  • LG
  • ASUS
  • SONY
  • MTK
  • Spreadrum
  • Exynos

Feature of EFT Dongle with Root:

Translate & add to all Android devices any language you want


All Samsung USA, KOREA, CHINA, etc.
KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat (will not disappear, after format procedure)

  • Arabic, Turkish, Hindi, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, French, Farsi, etc…
  • All languages of the world, without exception
  • Allows you to backup applications and restore it whenever a problem occurs
  • Added world’s first support for the latest security (update patch 2016 and 2017)
  • fix root reboot
  •  remove secure storage
  • contacts on Samsung 6.0.1 – to 7.0 (patch is not required (BETA))
  • contacts on Samsung Docomo
  • Fix hotspot (update)
  • update dump ROM for the latest security
  • Samsung screen reset (sideload), required recovery mode
  • Update dictionary
  • Add Google services and Google play
  • A full backup is available
  • Extract .tar and extract .img
  • Merge dictionaries
  • New update patch
  • Advanced root explorer
  • Translation in both ways
  • Update translate multi-language
  • Update delete applications (AT&T, Sprint & Verizon)
  • Patch in both ways
  • Update patch 6.0.1
  • Update patch 7.0
  • New jar mode (decompile jar)
  • New jar mode (recompile jar)
  • In One-click fix install the app after the patch
  • Can replace any APK
  • Ability to  make the backup app and patch ROM (ADB)
  • Easy to flash and backup app and patch (ADB)
  • So, can fix or enable LTE (4G)
  • disable the message nagging/notification (Send security reports)
  • So, easily disable the message nagging/notification (sim card is not from.
  • security policy update
  • All brands are supported
  • and even more features.

EFT Dongle Crack

How To EFT Dongle Crack?

  • First of all Download the EFT Dongle 4.3.4 Crack Link Given Below.
  • Extract or Unzip RAR file With WinRAR software. (Note: If You Have Not Then Click on this link)
  • Run Setup as an administrator.
  • Then, Click on next.
  • Finally, click on Finish.
  • Disconnect Internet and Disable Antivirus.
  • Copy the file from the Crack folder.
  • Then, paste it into the install directory.
  • Reboot Your system.
  • Enjoy it.
  • Now Crack Version for you.

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